Tuition fees

“Knowledge is priceless; however, studies have to be paid for”. At Higher Education institutions in Lithuania, tuition fees differ from institution to institution, depending on the chosen programme and the cycle. Educational institutions announce their tuition fees annually.

On average, the cost of programmes at Higher Education institutions is approximately between 1300€ – 5500€ per year. At the top end of the price scale in colleges is a Bachelor of Arts; the tuition fees for musical studies could be around 4300€ per year. At the other end of the price scale are Humanities and Social Science studies, which cost around 1300€ per year.

At universities, the highest tuition fees, coming in at 8500€ per year, are for the training of aircraft pilots. The lowest fees are once again for Humanities and Social Science studies at 1300€ per year. Tuition fees for the second and third stages are different. For example, state funding for the full-time graduate (Master) studies starts from 2200€ per study year for postgraduate studies (Doctoral) it is 5500€ per study year.

Students at Higher Education institutions in Lithuania may be awarded scholarships and may also participate in international exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus). Those who participate in students’ exchange programmes do not have to pay any extra tuition fees for the exchange programme.

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