Why Lithuania is a good destination to study engineering?

Are you passionate about technical studies and engineering? What about considering Lithuania as your future study destination?


There are so many reasons to study engineering. Engineering provides you with a lot of things like job satisfaction, financial security, the flexibility of schedule, career advancement, intellectual development, and many more. Engineers are always in high demand, though the career is challenging. Located in the central mass of Europe, Lithuania is a great place to work as it allows for easy travel between other EU states. The oldest Baltic state, it shares a border with Poland, from which you can easily travel by land, air, or sea.


In Lithuania, engineers are among the most demanded worker in lithuanian and European market. Like most developed economies, Lithuania job market is bigger in the service sector. Most opportunities for foreigners are in the IT and telecommunications sector. Many western companies have offices in Lithuania, since labor costs and taxes are well below Western European standards.


In 2021 according to research commissioned by the Lithuanian Ministry, the market in Lithuania lacks the following employees:


  • Drivers of various motor vehicles.
  • Construction workers (a variety of occupations, from a handyman to a foreman)
  • Engineering specialists.
  • Doctors.
  • Agricultural workers.

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