Who we are?

Study in Lithuania Centre, our vision is to be the transformative force that empowers students to discover their true potential by guiding them toward the right courses, nurturing their passions, and fostering academic excellence. We aspire to be the bridge connecting ambitious individuals with universities that share their values, ensuring a harmonious fit between students and faculties. By facilitating this dynamic synergy, we aim to not only propel students toward prosperous careers but also assist universities in discovering the right talent for each faculty, creating a future where education transcends boundaries and unlocks opportunities for both students and institutions alike.

Our focus is on guiding students to the enriching landscape of Lithuanian universities. With exclusive partnerships established, we ensure a unique advantage for our clients, offering access to top-tier academic programs, cutting-edge facilities, and a culturally diverse learning environment. Our consultants are experts in the nuances of Lithuanian academia, providing personalized assistance throughout the entire journey. From deciphering admission requirements to navigating visa processes, our team is dedicated to making your transition into student life in Lithuania seamless.

Our Partner Universities