Study in Lithuania

Most likely you have asked yourself: why come study in Lithuania?

Lithuania has several universities that offer a range of programs and opportunities for students. Here are some positive aspects of universities in Lithuania :

Academic Excellence

Some Lithuanian universities have gained recognition for their academic excellence and research contributions in various fields. Vilnius University, for example, is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe and has a strong academic reputation.

International Programs

Many universities in Lithuania offer programs in English, making them accessible to international students. This is beneficial for those who may not be fluent in Lithuanian but still want to pursue higher education in the country.

Diverse Course Offerings

Lithuanian universities provide a diverse range of courses and programs across different disciplines, including science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. Students can find programs that align with their academic and career interests.


Compared to universities in some other European countries, the cost of education in Lithuania is relatively affordable. Tuition fees and living expenses can be more reasonable, especially when compared to Western European nations.

Modern Facilities

Many universities in Lithuania have modern campuses with state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and laboratories. This can enhance the overall learning experience for students.

Research Opportunities

Lithuanian universities are actively involved in research activities, and students may have the opportunity to participate in various research projects. This can be valuable for those looking to gain hands-on experience and contribute to academic advancements.

Cultural Diversity

The universities in Lithuania attract students from various countries, creating a culturally diverse environment. This can enrich the learning experience and provide opportunities for intercultural exchange.

Student Support Services

Universities in Lithuania often offer support services for international students, including assistance with visa processes, accommodation, and integration into the local community. This helps make the transition to studying in Lithuania smoother.

EU Membership Benefits

As a member of the European Union, Lithuania's universities are part of a larger academic community, facilitating collaboration, student exchange programs, and access to EU research initiatives.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

Lithuania is known for its safe and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly nature of the local population can make international students feel comfortable and supported during their time in the country.

Why Lithuania universities?

  •   Over 150 unique and high quality degree programmes taught fully in English
  •   Internationally accepted diplomas
  •   Various state scholarships and funding possibilities for incoming students
  •   English language widely spoken
  •   High level research projects
  •   Active and fun student life
  •   Working possibilities during studies and possibility to stay in the country for 9 months to look for a job after graduation.
  •   The personal touch: small group sizes in classrooms.
  •   Great value for money and affordable living.
  •   Safe and stable environment.